Bike Rentals on Isle of Palms, SC

Bike Rentals Isle of Palms SC

Bike Rentals on Isle of Palms, SC

Visitors to Isle of Palms will find a friendly, relaxed, welcoming community. Miles of beach, hiking trails, and bike trails make this family-friendly getaway an opportunity to explore every inch of the picturesque island, discovering all the secrets of this little slice of South Carolina paradise. What makes exploring Isle of Palms even better? Doing it on a bike! Lucky for you, IOP Beach Bike Rentals is here to help you with that!


Bike Rentals on Isle of PalmsBike Rentals


Visitors may find themselves overwhelmed at first, when faced with the sheer number of things to do when visiting the Isle of Palms. Bike and hiking paths meander around the island, leading visitors to some of the most engaging and fascinating attractions. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely afternoon of enjoying the views, or are thirsty for adventure, taking a bike is one of the best ways to experience the island up-close-and-personal.

Beach combing is a popular pastime on the Island. Beach rules request that visitors return any live shells to the sea, but there are plenty of empty shells to fill the pockets and pails of collectors. During certain times of the year, giant loggerhead sea turtles come to shore to lay their eggs. For this reason, it is asked that visitors stick to the paths when walking the beach, to help protect the sand dunes the turtles rely upon as nesting grounds.


How to Rent a Bike


Bike rental on Isle of Palms is simple. Just contact us using our handy online form, or call. Choose to pick up your bike at the store for single-day rentals, or your bike can be delivered for multiple-day or week rentals. Don’t forget accessories like a tag-along (small trailer for carrying children or gear,) a bike trailer, helmets, baby seats, and more. Bike locks will be provided with rentals, so be sure to secure your rental bike carefully when you park it to go exploring. Most of all, enjoy your stay here on Isle of Palms.